Dodo Electric Review

Dodo electric  is a retail energy company that is competitively priced and provides customers with the option to bundle electricity with gas, phone and internet. Dodo also offers home and car insurance which is great if you’re looking to consolidate your bills.

Do you have a dodo account?

If you’re interested in switching to Dodo electric it’s worth taking the time to compare their plans with others and make sure they’re offering the best deal. If they’re not, it could be worth moving to a different retailer.

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The good news is that switching to Dodo is easy and can be done online or over the phone with a customer service representative. All you need to do is provide your previous energy bill, full address and contact details as well as a form of identification. The switch will take 3 business days to complete and you’ll need to be ready to have a professional visit your home or apartment.

Electricity prices from dodo electric

Dodo offer a range of residential electricity plans for customers in Victoria, NSW, QLD and SA. These include fixed and variable rate plans as well as solar feed-in tariff options. Their pricing is competitive in each state and they’re a great option if you’re wanting to bundle your electricity with gas and internet services. They also have a range of money saving offers like an hour of free electricity every morning from 6am to 7am for Victorian residents.