Hackers Are Creating VIP Hacks For PC Games

vip hacks for pc games

If you’re a iwantcheats, you’ve probably encountered a cheater in your time. These users, who typically use software to manipulate a game’s code, can change the rules of play in order to gain an advantage over other players. They can alter gameplay attributes such as health, weapon accuracy, and reload speed. They can also access information on other players’ locations, which is usually shown in a real-time “killfeed” that broadcasts at the top of many multiplayer games.

The problem isn’t limited to PC games, though: console titles that support cross-platform play are susceptible to similar issues. A popular example is PUBG, which is often modified by gamers to enable auto-aim, wallhacks, and other game hacks. Such hacks may seem harmless, but they can cause serious problems for both players and developers.

Use per-app GPU settings

One altruistic hacker named Heumann has been working to protect Black Ops III players by developing a patch for the game that runs when they launch it. He’s hoping that his client can replace the official Steam application and fix vulnerabilities without exposing players to risk.

Heumann’s work is similar to that of a hacker who goes by the online handle shiversoftdev. He’s also creating a community patch for Black Ops III, and he hopes to release it in the next few months. Both projects show that if the right individuals put their mind to it, it is possible to fix some of gaming’s biggest issues.