How to Build a Free Malware Scanner API

A free malware scanner API that scans a URL in real-time for malicious threats and protects against viruses, malware, phishing, spam, and parked domains.

According to the latest research, 20 to 25 percent of websites have malware. This is the reason why companies should invest in a malware scanner API to keep their customers safe.

The first step is to create a service account for the malware scanner. This account should have Object Admin roles on all the buckets (unscanned, quarantined, and clean).

Securing Your Systems: Exploring the Benefits of a Free Malware Scanner API

After creating the account, you need to grant it the appropriate permissions to the buckets. This will prevent the malware scanner from rate limiting.

When you’re ready to use the malware scanner, add it to a pipeline with the following configuration:

Once the malware is found, the pipeline will notify the customer via email with the scan results. The customer can then decide what to do with the result, such as blocking the file or sending a warning message to users.

Skywalker uses the free VirusTotal service to scan files for malware. The file is uploaded to VirusTotal, which runs it against multiple anti-virus programs. The resulting data is used to determine the probability that the file is malicious. The positive value is based on the number of antivirus engines that think the file is malicious. If the positive value is high, the execution of the file is blocked. Otherwise, the file is allowed to execute.