French Manicure Nails 2.0

The french manicure nails that ruled the early aughts has slowly but surely made its way back into our rotation (right alongside claw clips, mini shoulder bags, and low-rise skirts). In fact, the French manicure’s 2.0 era is now in full swing, with creative new looks blending it with modern allure. “We’re seeing all sorts of interesting takes on the French manicure from rainbows to chrome,” Sritapan says, adding that it’s always important to start with a base coat to help your nails look their best and last longer. “And don’t forget to push the cuticles back and buff out the nail plate to prep it for polishing.”

A swanky take on the classic, this look combines the allure of a traditional French manicure with the shimmer of a chrome finish. The result is a gorgeous manicure that feels fresh and on trend.

For a bold twist on the French manicure, add a splash of color to your tips by using a contrasting hue. Whether you choose to use a bright red or a soft pink, the result is eye-catching and fun.

Classic Beauty: French Manicure Nails for Every Occasion

If you want to make your French manicure feel even more glam, try adding a little bit of glitter. With the addition of just a dusting of sparkly sparkle, your French manicure will instantly feel dressed up and ready for a party.

This playful look melds the dreamy allure of a rainbow French manicure with the mesmerizing effect of marbled nails for a stunning look that’s subtly whimsical. For an even more unique touch, adorn your nails with a micro image like tiny happy faces, music notes, falling leaves, or stars for a look that’s totally custom and perfectly you.