How to Detect Disposable Emails

how to detect disposable emails

How to detect disposable emails is an essential part of any online business. It helps you avoid spam, bots and the costly consequences of bad data that can have serious effects on your sender’s reputation. However, the rise of disposable emails has become a major challenge to businesses that are collecting leads. This is because such addresses are only valid for a short period of time, and they tend to bounce quickly. As a result, they can severely reduce the performance of your email campaigns and lead to inaccurate results.

Fortunately, email validation tools like BriteVerify and Everest List Validation can identify disposable emails. They can do this by checking an email address against a database of known disposable email domains. These lists are updated regularly. To use these services, you must sign up for an account, which comes with 100 free test credits.

Why People Use Disposable Emails

The primary reason for people to use disposable emails is privacy. They don’t want their real addresses to be used by hackers or spammers, so they create an alias and use it for the site or mailing list they are signing up for. This approach may make them look less trustworthy, but it also saves them the hassle of having to clean their inbox if they receive too many unwanted emails.

Other reasons for using disposable emails include bypassing registration or login requirements on sites, or taking advantage of free content offers such as trials and freemium models. This can hurt your user experience, especially if you don’t encourage people to sign up with their real email addresses. You can avoid these problems by detecting disposable emails as soon as they are submitted to your forms or platforms, and by preventing them from accessing your content.