How to Sell Family Entertainment Centers

Family Entertainment

Family entertainment centers (FECs) are locations where families can spend time together playing games, eating food, and watching movies. These venues are often more cost-effective and less time-consuming than traveling to a movie theater or bowling alley.

FECs offer a wide variety of attractions, including indoor and outdoor activities like inflatables, rock walls, and trampolines, as well as interactive attractions that appeal to younger guests. Many of these attractions have been around for decades, but mixing them with newer and more exciting ones can help attract guests, says Deni Shupe, marketing manager of Pump It Up, Glenview, Illinois, a family entertainment center.

In addition to traditional games, entertainment centers can also host special events, such as a family-friendly day of fun. These can include free rides for kids, face painting, balloon animals, and other activities that keep the crowd occupied and happy.

One of the best ways to promote a family-friendly experience at an entertainment center is by integrating safety into your event. Providing safety messages on your website, in your marketing materials and through signage at the venue can help reassure guests that your center is safe to visit.

The concept of a family entertainment center is evolving to accommodate both traditional and newer attractions, as well as to cater to the new “experience economy” of the 21st century. It’s an exciting opportunity for business owners to enter a lucrative market that is expected to grow rapidly, according to the International Association for Amusement Parks and Attractions.

To help you decide if this is the right industry for you, here are some tips to consider:

Offering multiple choices of activities at a family entertainment center can increase the average spend per guest by 25 percent, according to Frazier Capital. That’s a lot of money to be made for an entertainment center, and it’s especially important at peak times.

Adding additional entertainment elements, such as clowns or magicians, can help attract younger guests and create an unforgettable experience for them, Shupe says. Clowns can also interact with children and their parents, making them feel included in the event.

Magicians can perform magic tricks and make balloon animals, allowing everyone to have a fun time. Some can also make themed balloons, such as a pig, an elephant or a princess.

Some entertainment centers even have their own magicians to entertain guests, reducing the wait times for shows and increasing attendance.

You can have a magician do a walk-around show to entertain everyone, or hire them to perform a live show. The trick is to get a good magician who can draw and perform a show that the whole family can enjoy.

Another option is to bring a magician to your next corporate event. Whether you choose to have a magician for an hour or have him perform the entire night, his performance will be sure to bring excitement and joy to your employees and their families.

Getting the family involved in an activity is a great way to build bonds and create memories. Taking the family on a road trip or spending a night at a local amusement park are both excellent ideas for bonding time. And you can add some extra fun by having the whole family do something creative, like building model airplanes or a homemade craft.