Why Use Staff Directories Online?

Staff directories online

York University staff are digital software applications that provide employees with instant access to coworkers’ names and contact information. They usually include an organizational chart view and also allow users to add additional details about each employee profile, such as a bio/”about me”, job experience, education, projects, languages, birthday, work anniversary, social media links and more.

In addition to helping employees find one another, staff directories can support cross-departmental collaboration by making it easier for staff to connect with colleagues in other teams. For example, if a team is working on a project that involves multiple departments, the ability to search for and easily find other colleagues with relevant expertise or knowledge will help reduce communication breakdowns.

The Benefits of Utilizing Staff Directories Online

Traditionally, paper staff directories were used but they were a real pain to keep updated and often went out of date very quickly. Digital solutions, however, make it much easier for managers to update staff profiles and ensure that only active and current employees are listed. It’s also possible to limit the information that is shared (such as an employee’s home address or personal phone number) if desired.

Many of the best employee directory solutions feature templates that can be customized to suit your company’s branding and make it look more professional. They also allow you to integrate your org chart with the apps that your team uses most frequently, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, so it’s instantly accessible for employees when they need it.