Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Search

williamson county sheriffs office inmate search

Williamson County Sheriff’s Office inmate search inmate search is a great way to find out if someone has an outstanding arrest warrant. You can run the search by name or date of birth. This is a free service and will give you all available records on file for the person you are searching. This is a very useful tool when dealing with an ex-partner, neighbor, or relative. It also can be helpful for people who work in the public safety field such as law enforcement or firefighting.

The Williamson County Jail is a medium security jail that houses adult inmates who have been arrested for either misdemeanor or felony crimes. The jail has a capacity of 454 inmates and employs 96 staff within its four divisions. Inmates are allowed to call their loved ones on the phone, but there are strict rules that must be followed. Calls must be made through a third-party provider, Securus Technologies. The inmate’s seven-digit booking number must be dialed and the pound key (#) must be pressed at the end of the phone call. Calls are limited to 15 minutes in length.

“Inmate Search Essentials: Williamson County, Texas

Inmates can receive mail from their loved ones at the Williamson County Jail. However, the inmate’s booking number and name must be included on all correspondence. Care packages can be sent through a reputable vendor such as JPay or Access Securepak. Mail must be censored and cannot contain threats, vulgar language, or contraband.